Sims Freeplay Cheats for more simoleons

Introduce to the world of cheats for the sims freeplay game

Today you will learn how to download sims freeplay cheats tool. You can do this using the link in this post or check the page called best features – click here. The game has gained recent the popularity very high, it is now millions of players. Each of them had or going to have trouble with money in the game. The main currency are simoleons and lifestyle points, it is so we can buy what we want. However, over time we need them more and more. At some point the game takes us too much of our private time and stops be fun. If you already know the problem is that it is the right place. Here you can learn everything that is you necessary to begin using hack and bots to play the sims freeplay. You will learn how it all looks and what is easy. Below you see the list of what you can learn from this page.

the sims freeplay cheats

What you will read and learn here

    • The Sims Freeplay Hack
    • How to correctly setup and use this app in the game
    • How to get more simoleons and lifestyle points by using this tool
    • Why it works and proofs

So I prepared for you content that includes everything that is necessary for this to begin using hack for this game. I hope you will like my entry and the program that it delivers to you because I spent much of my time ago. If you decide it necessary and useful, please share this blog to your other friends. Below you you see the image sims freeplay cheats tool which I use and that operating principle, I want to describe to you.

sims freeplay cheats

Well, today is November 5th – I know plenty of people ask on forums about these programs so publish for you a program that I use. I have to admit that it is very helpful. All of its friendly features were prepared perfectly.

Do you want to sims freeplay cheats ?

Click on the button below and you will be taken to the main page where you will get more instructions for how to unlock your download.


In this way a couple of months added to my account in the game simoleons and lifestyle points. There is no limit so I use it when I want. My money does not disappear from your account, they are there all the time. It is at this moment the best option, I do not recommend to anyone the popular time cheat that brings more issues and bugs than usefulness.

The best sims freeplay hack and cheats features

  • Unlimited Simoleons cheat
  • Unlimited Lifestyle points cheat
  • Get more experience and speed the game
  • Works with latest version of the game
  • Works on iOS and Android
  • Safe and undetectable
  • Don’t need jailbreak or root
  • Must have latest net framework if you have any problems

These are more important features that make this program the most powerful tool. Everything as you can see is needed, ensured the security and general utility. It works with all devices without any kind of problem.

How to use sims freeplay cheat on android and ios in a good way

To get started you need to be sure that you have:

  • Download The Sims Freeplay hack from our page ( check download page above )
  • Latest net framework
  • USB cable to connect your tool with the tablet/phone if you want use it on your pc
  • You need also some time to read this guide

Using the instructions and shared the link, download the program. You will need winrar to unzip the folder then open sims freeplay cheats tool. You can run it directly on the device with the system android, ios or windwos. This can be a phone, tablet or computer. In the case of your computer, be sure to connect it to your phone or tablet using the usb cable. Then open the game and return to the program. Set the proxy, click detect device to connect to the game. When you see a message that the game has been detected it, type into the right fields how many you want to add simoleons and lifestyle points to the game. Click ok and wait a moment, the program will do the rest automatically without your help. When it completes its work – you get the message. From this time the money will be assigned to the your accountand you will be able to use them in the game all the time.

Why this sims freeplay cheats works ?

From what I read about this program so much that, it edits the game code by making changes that are saved permanently – in this way our simoleons and lifestyle points do n’t expire after a few minutes. But that’s not all – the success of this tool consists of many factors. Options that have this program are wonderful.
Let’s start with the proxy, it guarantees us Undetectable in the game and improves the quality of work. It works on any phone, tablet or computer, just that it has a system ios, android or windows. It has automatic updates to ensure that the program is compatible with the latest version of the game. I do not need to jailbreak or root.
With this option, this tool is really the best program on the market.

I am using it couple of months, I have already written about above. I can’t imagine playing without it. In several minutes I generate thousands of simoleons and lp points. Look at the picture below which shows how it works in the game.

sims freeplay hack

The Sims Freeplay Simoleons and Lifestyle Points Cheats

Now you see how it is easy if you have any doubts about this see this post again. Exactly the method I use every time you need cash in the game. I hope that this program will help you a lot, and that you share it also for your friends who have not seen it.
Simoleons and lifestyle points you can spend on what you want, you know that they are the primary currency in the game, and without them we will not buy anything. Therefore, generating as much as you want of resources and buy what you need.

This easy and simple sims freeplay cheats tutorial is designed for those who need cash in the game. If you have any questions for what I wrote, I invite you to the discussion below.